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, Zhejiang Aopeng Industry and Trading Co., Ltd. established in 1995 which is located in No. 2, Chrysanthemum Road Baihuashan Industrial Zone Wuyi Town, Zhejiang, China. Over the past 28 years, under the leadership of our general manager Mr Chen, here are over 500 employees and the factory covers an area about 70,000 square meters. In May 2007, we opened a new branch company in Chengdu City, Sichuan province. AOPENG ladders not only popular in China but also popular in other countries. The domestic market share spreads over 34 provinces, our overseas markets include Europe, America, Middle East and some countries in Africa. We have worked with some well known companies, such as Walmart, Low's, Carrefour, etc.
Establish In
Building Area
Export Countries
Super Factory
Production and development supply system, focus on the production of hardware tools, camping equipment, protective equipment
Creative Design
With more than 20 years of excellent designers and R & D team, utility model patent appearance patent
Production Capacity
150+ people working in production and assembly, all staffs are professionally trained, daily output is 6000+ pieces
Customized Processing
OEM/ODM customization and text are available to meet your diverse needs
Storage Capacity
Warehouse area of 18000+ square meters, year-round stock of 180,000+ daily output of 6000+
Customer demand-oriented, service quality as the core, to provide more humane service
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