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Outdoor Furnitures
Outdoor furniture differs from general furniture in that it is one of the elements of the urban environment, and has the characteristics of "publicity" in a universal sense. 
Outdoor furniture can be divided into three main categories:
Folding: such as folding tables and chairs. General this kind of furniture should choose high quality wood,have goog antiseptic sex,weight is heavier also,put outdoors for a long time. Can avoid damage.
Folding movable type: such as folding wooden table and chair and sun umbrella. When using,put outdoors,need not when can receive rise to out in the room inside,so this kind of furniture is more comfortable and practtcal,need not consider ,so much sturdy and antisepttc performance,still can join a few cloth art to make ornament according to individual interest will serve as adornment. The parasol surface is made of polyester cloth, fine fabric, containing small particles, UV protection and moisture resistance is excellent, suitable for villa garden, beach, lake fishing and other outdoor locations, small, convenient and practical.
Folding and carrying type: Such as small mensal, eat and parasol, this kind of furniture is usually made of aluminum alloy or canvas, light weight, easy to carry, field trips, fishing is very suitable for, can also take some outdoor equipment, the best kind of burn oven rack, tents, add a lot of fun for outdoor travel, it can be placed in the garden lawn outside the room, put a table and some chairs in it, Sitting and chatting with your family on the weekend can not only prevent ultraviolet rays, but also add a warm and beautiful atmosphere to the garden.
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