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We have more than 100 independent patents, including 3 invention patents and more than 60 utility model patents. The R&D center is equipped with high-tech equipment tools and advanced technology, with a full set of testing equipment, a total of more than 40 people in the R & D team to constantly pursue new products, new processes, new materials and new methods, every year to complete more than 20 new product development and production, invested R & D funds amounted to 9 million yuan.
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Inspection standards
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Hardware 100 grid test
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Technical Support
Technical Support
research and development
Equipped with high-tech equipment tools and advanced technology, a total of 40+ professional engineers and designers are constantly pursuing new products, new processes, new materials and new methods
Supplier manufacturer screening, using high-quality sources that meet international standards

Professional quality control departments and personnel to closely inspect and conduct a number of quality tests on all aspects of the product production process, without letting go of a single quality problem

Pre-factory final inspection (labeling before leaving the factory to make the quality traceable); support third-party testing (TUV)
24 hours online service

One-to-one specialist follow-up + salesman contact information (email)

After-sales service tracking (warranty period, tracking scheme, barcode, traceability)
Excellent geographical location, convenient sea transportation, flexible choice of lower cost and more efficient ports for shipment according to customer requirements (Ningbo, Shanghai port)